With the establishment of Engurusag Co., the first step was taken in health services sector. The company was established by 5 partners, and started to medical material sales with 20,000 TL-capital.


It was suggested that that the sector, with the effect of its short background and macro public policies, will be experiencing a tempo and change much more intensely, and a new road map was determined.


Our corporation envisaged the potential in health sector and started focusing on opening a hospital, which was regarded to be a milestone. Based on this framework, following various infrastructure works, the hospital construction started in 2000 in Etlik. Required capital was procured by increasing the number of shareholders.


Company capital was 100,000 TL in year 2000, and it increased to 600,000 TL in 2001 and the number of partners reached to 50.


The capital was increased along with the number of partners. In 2002, the number of partners increased to 76 and the capital reached to1,200,000 TL. Private Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital, its foundations erected in 2000, was completed in 2002, and it started to accept patients.


Etlik Hospital started to serve more than 10,000 patients with 70 personnel in the year it was opened, and in 2003, it started to serve with over 100 personnel to more than 31,000 patients. The capital was increased to 1,590,000 TL. The number of partners increased to 96 during this term.


The number of outpatient and bedded patients in Etlik hospital approached to 60,000. The number of the personnel jumped to 175. During this period, establishment of a new hospital was started to be discussed.


The number of personnel reached to 226 and the number of patients exceeded 100,000 in our rapidly developing hospital. The number of patients in Privatel Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital was 10,000 in its establishment year of 2002, and it increased 10 times within 4 years, reaching over 100,000 patients.


Etlik hospital was certified with TUV-CERT ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System Certification.


It was decided that a land, appropriate for a hospital, was going to be purchased by considering the patient potential in Sincan and its surroundings, which consist of 1,000,000 people in the region, and by reasoning low land costs and convenient management expenses. By taking a substantial step, a land was purchased and the construction of the hospital was initiated.


Capital increase continued along with the hospital construction in Sincan. As of 2006, the capital reached to11,130,000 TL and the number of partners reached to 147.


The construction of Sincan Hospital, having the first raised helicopter airfield in Turkey, was completed in November 2007 and started to accept patients since March 2008.


Sincan hospital received TS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate in its opening year, 2008.


Lokman Hekim Hospital Group, has become the largest health group in Ankara, owing to the investments it has made.


Lokman Hekim family, arriving these days with the support of the public, has entered into a new phase, to share the value it has taken from the public, again with the public. Studies were started to include Lokman Hekim Hospital group owner Lokman Hekim Engurusag Co. in the stock market.