Lokman Hekim Hospital Group

Lokman Hekim Hospital Group has been rendering health services with four hospitals equipped with state of the art technological means ever since the foundation of Engurusag Co. in 1996.

Our hospitals, located in Etlik, Sincan and Van, are significant health service providers in Ankara and Van based on physical location, patient and personnel numbers. Lokman Hekim Hospital Group, crown their professional and quality health services with unconditioned patient satisfaction, and aims to improve service quality consistently.

Our group adopts a policy effective with a consciousness directly proportionate to patient satisfaction and personnel satisfaction, and aims to operate with personnel, who care about their job, respectful to patient rights and obey medical ethic rules and who are genial and considerate.

In addition to providing health services, Private Lokman Hekim Hospital Group always regards public health and environmental health by means of social responsibility projects.

Our group, strengthening each day with patient satisfaction, has been working based on its vision.

Lokman Hekim Hospital Group has a total of 34,000-closed area and 364 bed-capacity, with 1,200 well educated professional personnel. Hospitals provide modern health care services in world standards, and they have approved their services with quality institutions as well.The hospitals have 41 newborn , 44 adult and 8 pediatric general intensive care beds.