About Us

“LOKMAN HEKIM HOSPITAL GROUP” that has been providing service in health sector in Turkey for 17 years now continues its health service sense that gives priority to quality and patient satisfaction in Erbil.”LOKMAN HEKIM DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT CENTER”, desiring to make a difference with its contemporary building and educated and experiences personnel, has made its first overseas investment in Erbil after establishing 4 hospitals in Turkey.  

Our center, which provides health service with advance technology equipments, renders service to the entire region with its specialist doctor team  and its building which is proper for patient comfort.  

Synergy Among Lokman Hekim Hospitals

In Erbil Diagnosis Center especially imaging unit and laboratory examinations have advanced technology. A medical synergy is created among Lokman Hekim Hospitals by sharing the results of imaging and laboratory tests done with hi-tech equipments.  The most accurate diagnosis and treatment methods can be provided by evaluating the results of analysis and examinations of the patients in Erbil in other hospitals of the group in virtual environment when necessary.

Coordinatorship of Foreign Patients

Lokman Hekim Hospitals provides service with sense of quality and in European Standards as of its equipments.   Surgeries rarely performed In Turkey and worldwide are being performed successfully by our specialist team.  Lokman Hekim Hospitals has started to attract attention in foreign market by proving itself to foreign patients with its service buildings with hi tech capabilities and process of smooth medical service.  Lokman Hekim Hospitals, making a new investment and development every passing day, has established Foreign Patients Department to provide smooth and effective service for foreign patients. Lokman Hekim as well as providing highest quality of service, also ensures coordination of foreign patients and their families and their being gained access from one point. 

In this unit, in order to manage the process most effectively;

  • Forwarded health reports are presented to the consulting physician promptly for an evaluation.
  • Consulting Physician provides necessary information about the treatment method, the name of the operation, if any, number of the days to stay at the hospital and payments.
  •  Entry date of the patient is determined in collaboration, and if desired, flight tickets and hotel selections (3, 4 and 5*) are organized and presented.
  • Patients and their families are met at the airport.
  •  They are taken to the hotel and/or hospital by luxurious and comfortable vehicles.
  • Attendants are assigned to accompany the patients at the hospital.
  •  Translators are arranged when necessary.
  •  Following all diagnoses and treatments at the hospital, results and reports are provided in Turkish, English, German, Russian and Arabic, depending on the preference:

If requested, following services can be provided;

  • Arrangement of extra tours around Ankara or other destinations in Turkey
  • Consulting and easiness for visa procedures
  • Assistance with international insurance companies.

Lokman Hekim Erbil Diagnosis Center