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Early diagnosis of bone loss is highly important to prevent or slower the disease. Bone loss is defined as osteopenia and its advance stage as osteoporosis. It is essential for the patients, especially for the ones in menopause period, to make measurements regularly under doctor control.   

When the Bone Mineral Density Should be Measured?   

Bone mineral density measurement is an examination method mostly needed in women patients after the post menopause period..

It is also a method used for;

  • Menopause after surgery (removal of ovary and uterus),
  • Early menopause (younger than 45 years old),
  • Osteoporosis occurred with medical treatment (steroid),
  • Osteoporosis caused by physical inactivity,
  • Idiopathical Osteoporosis,
  • Thyrotoxicosis, hyperparathyroidism and some endocrine diseases,
  • Follow up of post menopause patients,
  • Hypogonadism in men and
  • Idiopathical back pains after 60 years old.

Bone Structure and Environmental Factors

The person’s life style contains significant factors that affect the bone structure. Physical activity and proper nutrition are the most important ones among them. Insufficient activity and nutrition, smoking in the years, when bone development is fast, causes bones to be less density than normal.  A serious disease in youth needed long bed rest may prevent to gain a normal bone density. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the best reached bone density in the first 20-25 years of the life the less osteoporosis is that will occur later.   

 Preventing Osteoporosis

You can have your bone density measured with the bone densitometer technique in an easy, economic and painless way so that you can be sure about your health situation. You can also take precautions against the possible risks consulting your doctor.


USG is a method by which sound waves that human ears cannot hear are examined by means of probes and sent to the organs to image acquisitions. The structures of the internal organs of a patient and diagnosis for the patient can easily be done without giving any damages to the patient by this way. Most of the interventional examinations can be made in a safe way with USG.

To whom is it advised?

  • Women who are under 35 as a first examination method since it does not contain any radiation,
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding since it does not contain any radiation,
  • People who have symptoms such as rashes on the breasts or intense pain,
  • Women who have an intense breast structure as an addition to the mammography,
  • People who have suspected findings related to the mammography or physical examination,
  • People who have breast cancer to find the additional tumor focus and to examine the axillary and the other breast,
  • Male patients who have breast complaints (if necessary, with mammography).

Ultrasound during Pregnancy

During the ultrasound process done for the pregnant women, sound waves are sent to the tissues by means of a probe and the sound waves reflected from the tissues are imagined on a screen.

With this ultrasound method, it is possible to see three dimensional pictures of your baby and four dimensional which means three dimensional imagining in real time in other words at the time of the ultrasound. This is a pretty exciting technology for the families. Experiences up to now showed that there is not any damages to the baby or the mother of the two-three or four dimensional ultrasound.

Three-four dimensional ultrasound can be done starting from the first months of the pregnancy. The fetus has different behaviors and movements on every three months period and these differences can be seen with the three-four dimensional ultrasound. The sixth or seventh months of the pregnancy is the period during which the best three-four dimensional ultrasound images can be acquired so that the families have an exact understanding of what their babies look like.

Pregnancy can be confirmed during the three weeks after becoming pregnant which is the earliest period,

It is decided whether to wait or not in case of the bleeding and the risk of miscarriage,

Patients with ectopic pregnancy can be early diagnosed and can be early treated nonsurgically,

It shows whether the fetus is alive or not,

It provides an opportunity to determine the twin pregnancy and multiple pregnancy,

It provides information about the amniotic fluid, navel string and placenta,

It helps to determine the weight of the fetus,

It shows the developmental problems of the fetus that can occur in an early period,

It provides information about the infant nutrition and circulation of the baby with the help of Doppler,

It provides information about the health situation of the baby at that time,

It helps to predict the time of birth,

It helps to determine the delivery method and place,

It shows some of the different anomalies of the internal and external organs,

It provides an opportunity to determine the chromosome abnormalities in an early period,

It helps the doctors for the interventions that will be made for the fetus.


It has the same operating principles with the ultrasound device. Colored Doppler Ultrasonography device provides an opportunity to determine whether the blood circulation in every blood vessels of a human is normal or sufficient in an easy and fast way. In addition to this, heart rate of the babies for the pregnant women can easily be monitored with the help of this device.


  • Hormone
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Serology
  • Bacteriology


Magnetic resonance device provides a method to get images because of the directional changes of some of the protons in the human body by sending radio frequencies by means of apparatus called coil when the patient is in a powerful magnetic area. Unlike the direct graphy, x-rays are not used for the MR technique. Therefore, pregnant women can have magnetic resonance imaging test if the doctors say it is necessary. All of the organs in the human body can be monitored in detail with the magnetic resonance device. The blood vessels in our bodies can be monitored in an easy and painless way by means of MR angiography only by giving medicines supplied from a venous blood vessel on our arm.

In which situations is it advised? 

  • To diagnose the diseases on cerebrospinal nervous system,
  • To examine the muscular system or musculoskeletal system,
  • For the sports injuries,
  • For the situations in which there is a suspicion for the cancer and when mammography and ultrasound cannot get an exact diagnose,
  • For the patients who are diagnosed with the breast cancer or the patients who are planned to get a breast protective treatment to determine whether there are more than one cancer sources before the surgery,
  • To scan the breast cancer on the women who have high risk rates,
  • To determine the main cancer sources of the patients who are diagnosed with metastatic cancer.

Who are not advised to have MR Scan?

  • People who have metallic substances in their bodies,
  • People who are using cardiac pacemaker,
  • People who are wounded by guns,
  • People who have permanent tattoo,
  • People who have severe renal insufficiency,
  • People who cannot lie face downwards for a long time,
  • People who are overweight.

What are the advantages?

  • It does not contain radiation.
  • It provides much more information compared to the other breast monitoring methods. Many of the cancer sources that the other methods cannot show can be found by this way.
  • Intensive breasts that cannot be examined with mammography, breasts that have been treated and breasts with silicon prosthesis can be examined easily by this method.

It gives more credible scan results compared to mammography and ultrasound for the women who have high risk rates.


Mammography is advised for the women who are older than 40 years old for annual periods to early diagnose the breast cancer. Mammography is a special technique to determine the breast cancer or any other benign breast diseases by using X-rays. The technological features of the devices used in Lokman Hekim Erbil Diagnosis Center provides opportunities for optimal magnification and compression techniques with minimum radiation dose. It marks the masses found in the breast or microcalcification clusters to help the doctors that will operate the patient determine the locations of the masses to remove them. By this way, the problematic area can be removed from the breast in an easy way.

The film acquired from the system can be archived and even if the films are lost, comparing with the old results is possible as the films are archived.

All of the personnel and the doctors in our department which has a patient base understanding are aware of the anxieties of the patients related to their diseases and they do their best to comfort the patients and care about them.


The whole body can be monitored in less than 25-30 seconds with the computerized tomography device. Additionally, the three dimensional studies of these images can also be made. X-rays are used to get an image from the computerized tomography device. The patients who are pregnant should be very careful about this issue. The X-rays can be damaging the human health when people are exposed to high dose of X-rays and repetitively.

In our hospital, the patients are exposed to the minimal doses as our multi detector computerized tomography devices have CARE Dose4D and multi detector features. We also have an opportunity to detect even the smallest signs of a medical problem of our patients since the computerized tomography device can do 0,75mm sectioning. Most of the blood vessels in our bodies including our periphery organs can be monitored in an easy and painless way by means of the computerized tomography angiography only by giving medicines supplied from a venous blood vessel on our arm.


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