Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital

Our hospital has 2900 square meters of closed area, and it serves in a 5-floor building. It has 37 bed capacity and two surgery suites.

Standard equipment of our rooms, with technical infrastructure in order to provide any type of medical care is as follows:

- An adjustable patient’s bed

- A nurse calling device

- Bathroom and toilet

- A television

- An attendant couch

- Intercom-external telephone

- Heat adjusted air conditioning system

- A closet assigned for personal use


Our hospital is cleaned daily with special disinfectants and there is a 24-hour technical service opportunity for problems that could arise.

Medical Units Diagnosis-Treatment Units 

Serving units:

- Emergency service

- Anesthesiology and Reanimation

- Nutrition and Dietetics

- Brain, Medulla and Neurosurgery

- Pediatrics

- Dermatology

- Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Gastroenterology

- General Surgery

- Pulmonary Medicine

- Ophthalmic Units

- Internal Medicine Units

- Gynecological Diseases and Delivery

- Cardiology

- Otolaryngology

- Neurology

- Orthopedics and Traumatology

- Urology


Radiology and Other Units

In our Radiology Unit, we have a digital mammography, 4D ultrasonography, interventional radiological processes, bone densitometry, direct radiological graphy, colored Doppler ultrasonography, computerized tomographic studies, panoramic teeth radiography, magnetic resonance (MR), echocardiography, scintigraphy and PET-CT.

Furthermore, in our hospital, an EMG, EEG Unit and Endoscopy Unit serve as well. Endoscopic processes can be carried out under anesthesia when necessary.

Surgery Rooms

There are two general-purpose operating suites in our hospital. All open and closed surgeries are carried out in our hospital including microscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic and laparoscopic operations, as to meet needs of all surgery branches serving in our hospital.

Delivery Rooms

Personnel experienced in their areas work under the supervision of gynecologists and obstetricians in two delivery rooms in our hospital.

Intensive Care Units

Three intensive care beds and three newborn care incubators are present in our hospital. 

Lokman Hekim Etlik Hospital