Lokman Hekim Sincan Hospital


Private Lokman Hekim Sincan Hospital has been founded on a 17,482 square meters of closed area and it has
183-bed capacity and equipped with state of the art technology.

In our 8-floor hospital, projected as a hospital building, there are six general operating rooms, two-person and single-person private and suit room selections, nurse calling systems at the patient side, and bathroom and restrooms, and there is a microphone system for oral communication any time with nurses from the patient room.

Standard equipment of our rooms, which are equipped with technical infrastructure, maintain any type of medical care and include:



- An adjustable patient bed

- Bathroom-restroom

- A 19’ LCD television

- An attendant couch

- Intercom-exterior telephone

- Heat-adjusted ventilation system

- A closet reserved for personal usage


There are special code systems for emergency cases in our hospital including “resuscitation team” and “nutrition team” (regularize feeding program of patients who cannot feed orally) to answer a code.

 Air ambulance


Patient carriage with helicopter, the most effective and safe means was considered in the planning stage, and a helicopter airfield was constructed on the roof of our hospital and it was certified.

Following certification, our Group started to accept patients coming via Minister of Health 112 Air Ambulance and air ambulances of special insurances.

Medical Units and Diagnosis-Treatment Units

Serving units

- Emergency service

- Orthodontics

- Anesthesiology and Reanimation

- Nutrition and Dietetics

- Brain, Medulla and Neurosurgery

- Pediatrics

- Children’s Neurology

- Dermatology / Cosmetology

- Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Gastroenterology

- General Surgery

- Pulmonary Medicine

- Ophthalmic Diseases Units

- Internal Medicine Units

- Gynecological Diseases and Delivery

- Cardiovascular Surgery

- Cardiology

- Otolaryngology

- Nephrology

- Neurology

- Orthopedics and Traumatology

- Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction

- Urology


Radiology and Other Units 


In our Radiology Unit, we have a digital mammography, 4D ultrasonography, interventional radiological processes, bone densitometry, direct radiological graphy, colored Doppler ultrasonography, computerized tomographic studies, panoramic teeth radiography, magnetic resonance (MR), echocardiography, scintigraphy and PET-CT.

Furthermore, in our hospital, an Angio Unit, EMG, EEG Unit and Endoscopy Unit serve as well. Endoscopic processes can be carried out under anesthesia when necessary.


Surgery Rooms


There are six general-purpose operating suites in our hospital. All open and closed surgeries are carried out in our hospital including microscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic and laparoscopic operations, as to meet needs of all surgery branches serving in our hospital, designed in accordance with the international standards. 


Delivery Rooms


Personnel experienced in their areas work under the supervision of gynecologists and obstetricians in two delivery rooms in our hospital. Our delivery rooms have been prepared in a separate floor in the construction of Gynecology and Birth Clinic, and they are spacious and sterilized, by considering mothers’ health and comfort. 


Intensive Care Units


Four separate and fully equipped intensive care units serve in the hospital.

General Intensive Care (with 20 beds)

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (with 10 beds)

Coroner Intensive Care Unit (with 4 beds)

Newborn Intensive Care Unit (with 5 incubators)


Sleep Laboratory 


In Private Lokman Hekim Sincan Hospital Sleep Laboratory, electrodes are placed on various points of the patient, and ;

Brain electric activity (EEG) during sleep (EEG),

Eye movements (EOG),

Muscle movements (EMG),

Oxygen amounts in the body,

Movement of the abdomen and respiration muscles,

Heart rate (EKG) are recorded.

These recordings are evaluated by Sleep Commission, which consists of pulmonary medicine, neurology and ear nose and throat specialists. The committee requests more examinations or sets the treatment based on this information.

Treatment choices Based on the committee decision, treatment can be made by surgery, medical or radiofrequency methods.

Whereas tonsils and adenoid, septum deviation in the nose and problems such as polyps are treated with surgical methods, radiofrequency methods are used in concha minimization, in practices made on palate and tongue base.

Lokman Hekim Sincan Hospital