Lokman Hekim Van Hospital

Lokman Hekim Van Hospital, aims to meet expectations of people of Van in health service rendering at the highest level, and it is equipped with state of the art technology to serve in many branches including children’s health, orthopedics, gynecology and nuclear medicine.

Lokman Hekim Van Hospital has formed a new link of the chain as the third largest health investment of Lokman Hekim Engurusag Co. Lokman Hekim Van Hospital adopts meeting all requests of patients as a duty, caring for the satisfaction of patients and patient attendants, in addition to the value it regards for health services.

Accordingly, it aims to keep the quality of the education at the highest level and trainings are provided to all of its workers in the administration and medical fields.

We are proud to establish a ground for a healthy and happy life for you in our hospital serving 24 hours and 365 days, with modern laboratory, medical imaging and diagnosis units, policlinic services in all units, surgery rooms and bedded treatment units and emergency services.

- 163 bed capacity

- 32 new born intensive care

- 8 children’s general intensive care

- 12 adults intensive care

- 3 KVC intensive care

- 2 coroner intensive care

- 5 surgery rooms

- 106 patient beds

- 10 observing beds

- 39 policlinics

- Radiology unit (B, MR, indirect and direct graphy filming, KMD, Mammography, USG, Doppler USG)

- Nuclear medicine unit

- Biochemistry and microbiology laboratory

- Pathology Laboratory


Medical Units and Diagnosis-Treatment Units


Serving branches:

- Emergency Service

- Anesthesiology and Reanimation 

- Nutrition and Dietetics

- Brain, Medulla and Neurosurgery

- Pediatrics

- Children’s Neurosurgery

- Dermatology

- Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

- Gastroenterology

- General Surgery 

- Pulmonary Medicine

- Ophthalmic Diseases Units

- Internal Medicine Units

- Gynecological Diseases and Delivery

- Cardiology

- Otolaryngology

- Neurology

- Plastic Surgery

- Orthopedics and Traumatology

- Urology


Lokman Hekim Van Hospital