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Gold Check Up

To protect our health, which is our most valuable asset, and to detect the risks that may occur in our bodies early, we need to have a Check-Up at regular intervals. As Lokman Hekim Health Group, we are at your service with the Golden Check-Up program that addresses all ages and genders. For detailed information and appointments about the "Gold Check Up" program, which is sold from 429 TL, you can call 444 99 11.


Ear Nose Throat
Obstetrics / Urology
Internal medicine
Mouth and dental health

Heart Risk Factors:

Total Cholesterol - LDL Cholesterol - HDL Cholesterol - Triglyceride

It is used for risk determination of cardiovascular diseases, evaluation of cholesterol metabolism, regulation of diet and monitoring.


Recording of electrical activity in the heart to study the operation of the heart muscle and nervous conduction system.


Examination of the internal structure and functions of the heart through sound waves

Kidney Functions:

Urea - Creatinine - Complete Urine Assay

Provides early diagnosis and follow-up of kidney diseases

Digestive Liver Functions:

SGOT (AST) - SGPT (ALT) - ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase) - GGT (G-Glutamyl Transferase)

Tests used in the diagnosis of liver, biliary tract and heart diseases

General Investigations:

Blood Count - Hemogram 18 Parameter: It is used in the diagnosis of various blood diseases, especially anemia, and many other diseases.

screening, diagnosis and follow-up.

HbA1c: Shows the average of three-month sugar levels in the blood

Insulin: Measures the level of insulin hormone in the blood

Insulin Resistance: Allows you to determine if there is insulin resistance in the body

CRP: Test used to measure blood infection and provides heart attack risk measurement

Sedimentation: Used to investigate the presence of a general disease in the body

Blood Group Determination: This involves testing an individual's blood for the presence or absence of certain antigens found on red blood cells (RBCs).

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT): Used to measure the capacity and function of lungs and bronchi

Rheumatoid Factor (RF): Measures the amount of RF antibodies in the blood. Rheumatoid Factors are proteins produced by your immune system that can attack healthy tissues in your body.

Cancer Screenings:

CEA General Cancer Screening: CEA is present in very little or no blood in healthy adult blood. Presence of blood indicates possible risks

Smear Test (Female): It is a method used for early detection of cervical cancer and inflammatory diseases.

CA-125 (Female): It is applied to follow up the treatment of ovarian cancer and to detect recurrences.

CA 19-9: Used to detect ovarian cyst, pancreatic cancer and cancer in the body.

Total PSA (male over 40 years): It is used for screening prostate cancer in men.

AFP: Testis in men, women in genital cancer screening.

Mammography (women over 40 years): Used in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Fecal Occult Blood (over 40 years): Used in the early diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Infectious diseases:

Anti HIV (AIDS): Looks at the body's antibody against HIV in the body.

ANTI-HCV: It is used in the diagnosis of hepatitis C disease.

HbsAg: It is used in the diagnosis of hepatitis B disease.

Hormones / Vitamins:

Free T4: Used to measure levels of thyroid hormones.

TSH: It is used to control the hormone secreted from the pituitary gland.

Calcium: It is used for the diagnosis, screening and monitoring of diseases related to bones, heart, nerves, kidneys and teeth.

Vitamin D: It is used to detect vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin B12: It is used to detect vitamin B12 deficiency.

Folate: It is used to determine the cause of anemia or nervous system disorders, to reveal nutritional status or to monitor vitamin deficiency treatment.

General Views:

Chest X-ray: It is used in the evaluation of the heart and respiratory system.

All Abdominal Ultrasound: Abdominal organs (kidney, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, ovaries, uterus, prostate, lymph nodes and large vessels) is used to identify diseases and anomalies.


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