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Is your skin ready for winter?

As the air starts to cool, blood circulation starts to slow down. With the slowing of blood circulation, it becomes difficult for our skin to get the nutrients it needs. As a result of all of this, the fat layer of the skin is reduced, skin cracking and flaking begin. In addition, our skin may start premature aging.

In autumn and winter, skin problems can be prevented by proper nutrition and regular skin care. Instead of the humidifiers used in normal times, in the autumn and winter months moisturizers with high oil content and strong restorative properties should be used.

In order to protect the skin and prevent possible skin problems during this season, the following things should be considered:

  • Protecting the body from the cold, preventing exposure of the face and hands to extreme cold.
  • Moisturizers can be used to stimulate and refresh the skin.
  • Avoid the contact with skin and chemicals such as detergents.
  • In winter, warm water should be bathed instead of hot water and bath time should be kept short.
  • Sun protection should be used and high factor should be considered.
  • Air pollution, dust and so on. In order to cope with skin irritations and get rid of dead skins, home-type peels or fruit-acid peels can be applied under doctor control.
  • The skin can be fed with intense moisturizers.
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