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The biggest rule in fighting stress:

First of all I, then life and someone else!

We are all condemned to lead a taught life from childhood. Being a good child means being a child who doesn't upset his parents and does what he wants. This game of making others happy turns into a philosophy of life.

Your lover, your spouse, your children, your mother, your father, your brother… When you list the people that are important to you in life, it is important where you place yourself in this ranking.

How much of your sentences in your life 'I' includes the word? It is not only the beautiful moles coming. What I want, I love, my time, my decision ... People label people who say too much of me as selfish in our society. Yet selfishness is to put ourselves in front of someone else. What I'm talking about is just putting someone else with us. Nobody calls him you. thus, we are always the ones who experience stress when we say business life, private relations, family life. Because no one can count the person who ignores his own self.

To live the life that someone else reaped on us is the alienation itself. Imagine which one of us can be happy and stress free while experiencing things that do not belong to our world, our feelings, our preferences, or our loved ones.

that is why we should say 'I' first in the events that may cause stress in life. one is not others, they are not. How do I support my family if I lose my job? Thinking of someone else before us only stresses us thoroughly. Remember, you're good as long as you're good. If you have them, they do. So leave it a little selfish. At least be selfish for them, even if it isn't even for yourself. How well can an embittered mother take care of her baby? How efficient can a business man who wants to stay in bed constantly from stress?

Nobody's gonna be good until your 'Is' are good.

Loving someone else, being united with our lives, being sensitive to someone else's needs, or having someone else contribute to our lives ... None of us will put our heads to the sky by putting ourselves to the “end”. When we put ourselves to an end, there is no way that anybody else can put us in a “number”. Because what we believe in life increases; If we think that we are behind, that we don't deserve, that someone else's wishes tiy needs, needs, existence var are more important than us, then stress is ready to accompany you in every aspect of your life.

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