Our Working Conditions and Social Facilities

Workplaces and Working Hours You Can Take: We offer the opportunity to work in shifts in our 8 institutions in Ankara, Van and Iraq, in our closest branches, in working hours in accordance with the labor law and in job descriptions. Social Facilities:Each member of our family, first degree relatives (spouse, child, mother and father), as well as their grandchildren, can benefit from free / discounted health services offered in our institution. All our employees are offered lunch / dinner and breakfast at our institution. Our female and male employees who join our family from outside the city are provided with lodging opportunities, in addition, our employees who leave the evening shift are provided with a service opportunity in some of our branches, and our employees who leave the night shift at all our branches. Our Social Activities:Considering that we are a large family, our employees working in our various branches are in social cohesion  with each other, disseminating Lokman Hekim culture and values ​​among our employees, increasing the motivation level of our employees and motivation activities as an indication that the senior management knows and cares that they constitute the most valuable asset of the institution, club activities.

  • Lokman Hekim Sports Club

Among the activities of this club, football, bowling, laserpaintball and spring games are organized. At the end of these games, our winning employees are given various awards, and they are provided with the opportunity to spend time outside of working hours.

  • Let The Book Be Your Gift

As a family that is aware of the fact that development is based on reading, we present the books they request to our employees twice a year with the “Let Your Gift Be A Book” event.

  • Special days

As an institution that has achieved success in terms of the number of female employees, we celebrate the "8 March International Women's Day" as "Medical Day, Nurses Day" etc. We celebrate special days with you. In addition, various social activities are planned within the scope of the suggestions of our employees, especially picnic and sightseeing tours that our employees and their families will participate in.

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