From Our General Manager

With the decision of our board of directors, Dr. Dr. Mustafa SARIOĞLU serves as the general manager.

Lokman Hekim Hospitals, which started with the establishment of Engürüsağ A.Ş. in 1996, continues to provide health services with 5 hospitals,1 Medical Center and 1 Diagnostic Center equipped with the latest technology.

Our Diagnostic Center in Erbil, with 4 hospitals in Ankara and 2 in Van; from the perspective of  indicators such as physical space, number of patients and personnel, it is one of the leading and important health service providers of our country.

Lokman Hekim Hospitals has always made it its motto to continuously increase its service quality by crowning the professional and qualified health services it offers with unconditional patient satisfaction.

Since the day we started our service life, our understanding has always been ' quality ' and ' people-oriented service ';and it will be like that from now on.

Lokman Hekim; in a human-oriented health care approach that respects the values ​​of the society and is loyal to medical ethics; meaning catching perfection and being constantly at the top.

Lokman Hekim is an uncompromising follower of scientific developments, a pioneer in the use of modern technology, and quality, fast, safe, compassionate and economical health care in modern, clean and spacious spaces.

Our hospitals, which follow an effective human resources policy with the awareness that patient satisfaction is directly proportional to personnel satisfaction,It always aims to work with friendly, respectful personnel who love their job, respect patient rights and comply with medical ethical rules.

Lokman Hekim Hospitals always show the importance it attaches to public health and environmental health with its social responsibility projects as well as the health services it provides.

Our hospitals, which are getting stronger day by day with the satisfaction of their patients, continue to work in line with their vision.

Our goal has been achieved in the journey we embarked on to become the brand that comes to mind when the hospital is mentioned" . 

As Lokman Hekim family, I greet all of our people with the best feelings, respect and love.

Kind regards…


Lokman Hekim Health Group

Chairman of the Board

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