Patient rights

Rights and Responsibilities of Patients, Patients Relatives

We respect all the rights of all patients and their relatives who have applied to our hospital during their period of service and we expect them to fulfill their responsibilities. We aimed to inform our patients and their relatives about their rights and responsibilities with this handbook that we prepared by taking advantage of the rights and responsibilities of international patient / patient relatives with the T. C. directive of the Ministry of Health Patient Rights Regulation.

Any individual who applies to our hospital for diagnosis and treatment can claim their rights adopted by our hospital employees at any time..

Right to benefit from services


  • All patients who apply to our hospital have the right to benefit from all services regardless of their thoughts and social characteristics.
  • Our patients have the right to choose their physician and / or health institution and change it at any stage of treatment.

  • Health professionals in our hospital and / or other institutions that we have contracted cannot apply diagnosis and treatment to our patients in violation of medical ethics, rules and principles or in deceptive quality.

  • Our patients have the right to act in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country in applications such as transplantation or experimental research.

  • Our patients have the right to request that their pain be stopped. All our patients have the right to ask for the evaluation and treatment of their pain and to receive information about the causes of pain and treatment methods.

Right to respect and reputation

  • Our patients and their families have the right to receive service in a respectful, kind, compassionate and friendly environment where their individual dignity is protected at all times and under all circumstances.

  • No employee in our hospital has the right to discuss with our patients. Our patients have the right to solve their problems in accordance with the principles of our hospital and the laws of the country.

Right of Privacy

  • Our patients have the right to refuse to speak  or see people who are not directly involved in their treatment, including visitors.
  • Our patients have the right to demand environments that provide visual and auditory privacy at all points of service.
  • Our patients have the right to protect the confidentiality of their medical information even after death. This information is disclosed to the relevant authorities in accordance with the express permission of the patient or his successors or court decision. Our patient reserves the right not to provide information about his / her private and family life for any reason, unless there is a medical necessity and consent.

Right to know identity

         Our patients have the right to know the identities and professional responsibilities of all the employees           they are in contact with in our hospital.

Right to information

          Our patients have the right to request and receive a copy of their complete and new information and                documentation on the diagnosis and treatment processes and the course of treatment.

Right of communication

          Patients with language problems have the right to request an interpreter to understand their own                      language during the course of their treatment.

Patient's right to give consent

  • Our patients have the right to be informed about the disease, treatment, risks and benefits, alternatives and decisions in order to participate in decisions other than medical legal obligations.
    Our patients have the right to give consent to the exercise of this right and are thus deemed to have accepted the routine procedures for approval. In cases where our patients do not have a legal representative and the proposed intervention is urgent, medical intervention can be performed without approval.
  • Our patients have the right to volunteer to participate in education and research.

Right to reject planned treatment

Our patients have the right to refuse the proposed treatment. If the treatment is rejected, the physician will be informed about it and a written document will be received. If our patients refuse the treatment with a certificate, they will be dismissed from our hospital. Our patient who refused treatment before but applied to our hospital again has the right to receive the necessary medical care and treatment. The personnel in our institution cannot reproach and imply about the patient's previous rejection.

Right to know examination and treatment costs

Our patients have the right to request and receive a clear and detailed invoice of the price they will pay for the service provided in our hospital.

The right to social and psychological support

Our patients have the right to wear their unique clothes and use their duties and / or symbols related to their beliefs, to receive social and psychological support, to have companions and visitors, unless they prevent the diagnosis or treatment.

Right to complain

Our patients have the right to make a complaint, to review their complaints and to be informed of the results. Our patients have the right to report their complaints to the Patient Rights Unit of our hospital provided that the right to apply to the related professional organizations and courts is reserved in accordance with the law no. 6023. If the complaints cannot be solved within our hospital, our patients have the right to apply to the highest local administrative authority of the health institution. Our patients have the right to apply to the judiciary within their legal rights.

The right to know hospital rules and practices

Our patients have the right to learn about the hospital rules and practices to be applied to them.
Our patients have the right to request correction of the data related to the disease, treatment process and invoice records which are not in the medical records and which do not comply with the facts.

The right to religious services

Our patients have the right to benefit from religious services in accordance with hospital rules.
To the extent that it is available, the patient and / or his / her relatives have the right to bring a clergyman at the request of our patient according to his / her religious needs.

Responsibility for providing information

Our patients should provide accurate and complete information about the medical history, present complaints, treatments, medications used and changes in their condition, and whether they understand correctly what is expected of them.

Responsibility to follow recommendations

Our patients should, in principle, follow the plan developed after approval of the treatment proposed by physicians, nurses and relevant health personnel responsible for their treatment.

Responsibility for rejecting the planned treatment

Our patients are responsible for the consequences if they refuse treatment or do not follow the instructions of their physician.

Responsibility to pay for examination and treatment expenses

Our patients should inform our hospital at the stage of application, how and by which institution or organization the health expenses will be covered. Our patients are obliged to pay the amount to be paid in the applications made for treatment within the period determined by the institution. If treatment costs are covered by any health insurance, our patients must provide relevant referral or official papers on time. In cases requiring urgent intervention and treatment, our patients or their legally authorized representative should bring the letter from the patient's institution while the treatment is in progress.
Our patients who are entitled to free treatment should certify these rights with documents and document their compliance with the criteria for free patient care.

Responsibility to report infectious disease

Our patients with suspected or contagious diseases should not demand discharge unless the authorized physician gives permission to show that they are OK.

Responsibility to respect

Our patients, other patients and hospital staff

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