Anesthesia, Intensive Care and Reanimation

Operating rooms and intensive care units are perhaps the most important areas of hospitals. Anesthesia is the heart of the operating room.Only successful surgeries can be performed with good anesthesia. Anesthesia is not putting a patient to sleep for the operation, but preparing a patient well before the operation, maintaining the patient's life throughout the operation, waking the patient safely and normalizing all vital values, and bringing the patient to bed happily and painlessly.

Thanks to anesthesiologists who are experts in their fields, all kinds of operations, including open heart surgery, are successfully performed. Thanks to painless birth and awake cesarean section operations, our patients can witness the birth of their babies without pain and can hold them in their arms immediately after birth.

Furthermore,safe anesthesia opportunities have been created with the comfort of the patient in procedures such as endoscopy and colonoscopy, which can only be performed with anesthesia outside the operating room.

In our intensive care unit, we serve critically ill patients whose general condition deteriorates. We provide vital support to these patients. For this reason, we have respiratory support units at each bedside, end-system monitors to monitor the patient's vital functions, and hemodialysis units for sudden kidney dysfunctions. We follow up, care and treat patients with our experienced, compassionate and ethical team.

In the Anesthesia and Reanimation clinic;

Painless birth with epidural Awake cesarean section with epidural/spinal anesthesia, General surgery operations requiring general anesthesia Cancer surgeries Open heart surgeries All kinds of peripheral nerve blockages Necessary invasive blockades are performed for patients suffering from chronic pain.

In addition, in our intensive care units;

  • mechanical ventilation
  • Bedside hemodialysis
  • therapeutic hypothermia
  • PEG opening
  • tracheostomy
  • It is also applied in central catheterization and port insertion procedures.