In society, nutrition is generally seen as a concept to be considered in case of a disease. However, in the researches, the correction of individual diet and health practices; It reduces preventable diseases, disability and premature death. Nutritional deficiency and imbalance are the direct causes of some diseases and indirect causes of others.

In our age, the change in nutritional habits in favor of the increase in fat and carbohydrate consumption depending on the lifestyle, spending a lot of time in front of the computer and television and not allocating enough time for physical activities pave the way for the formation of many diseases.




In the Nutrition and Diet Polyclinic;



Cardiovascular Diseases


Blood pressure

Stomach and Intestine Diseases (celiac, spastic colon, ulcer, reflux...)

Liver Diseases (fatty liver, hepatitis…)

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Our patients who come with problems related to nutrition in the Child and Adolescent Period are treated.

Before Treatment;

Fat, muscle and water ratio measurements are made with the body analyzer

Basal metabolic rates and metabolic ages are determined

Retrospective nutritional status is questioned in detail.

Blood values ​​are examined and a "Personal Healthy Diet Program" is prepared in line with age, height, gender and physical activities, taking into account working and social conditions, and regular follow-up is ensured.

Our experts aim to teach healthy nutrition and to create nutritional behavior change in people who come with any health problems.


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