The skin is the fabric of our body. It is important for our ife quality  that the skin is looks healthy and vibrant in the same way. Our hospital serves its patients with its experienced staff and advanced technology equipment. Dermatology Department deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nails, body entrance gates (such as oral mucosa) and Venereal Diseases (sexually transmitted diseases).

 Complaints about skin diseases:

  • Itching redness and rashes
  • pimples
  • dry skin
  • sweating disorders
  • Increased pain and sensitivity
  • Scars after illness
  • Hair and beard loss
  • increase in hair growth

In our dermatology and cosmetology clinic:

for diagnosis

  • Sunlight and magnifying glass
  • Wood light and magnifying glass
  • dermatoscopy
  • Microscopic examinations

For treatment purposes:

  • Cauterization with radiofrequency
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen
  • Laser epilation and vein burning
  • Skin Care and repair
  • Chemical peeling and tcaa application
  • Filling applications

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