Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Physical Therapy It is a treatment method that provides healing of many diseases, especially musculoskeletal system diseases and their symptoms by using physical agents such as heat, sound and electric waves.
Physical Therapy Physical and low back pain, joint pain, calcification, tendon injuries, muscular spasms and pain, as well as musculoskeletal diseases, orthopedic surgery after the fracture treatment of the limitations of physical therapy applications are made.
The methods used in Physical Therapy are;
• Hot applications (heat packs, infrared rays, paraffin, hot water baths, etc.)
• Cold applications (cold packs, ice bags, etc.)
• Electrical currents (electrical stimulations such as TENS and FES, interference currents etc.)
• Sound waves (ultrasound)
• Traction Methods (waist and neck pulling devices)
• Hydrotherapy applications (Whirlpool baths, pools)
• Laser applications (Deep and superficial laser devices)


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