Interventional radiology

Interventional radiology which is the therapeutic part of radiology; imaging guided by minimally invasive methods and percutaneous (intradermal) treatments. Interventional Radiology does not deal with a single subject or organ system, such as eye diseases or heart diseases. It performs the surgical treatment of many organ systems without surgery.

Usually does not require anesthesia (narcosis)
Made only through a pinhole, no knife marks in the body
Patients are usually sent home on the same day
Transactions are easier and the risks associated with the transaction are less
Return to normal life is much shorter.

Each patient is given intravenous relaxing and pain medication if necessary. No matter how easy the procedures are, the pain can be felt because of the needle penetration and this pain should be resolved with simple methods. These drugs also relieve the fear and anxiety associated with the procedure. The patient may be discharged on the same day after all procedures. Sparsely require a daily hospitalization. After angios need bed rest and observation for 4-6 hours, the timing for other procedures is more variable.

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