Eye diseases

In order to use our eyes in the most efficient way, we should not neglect complaints about our eyes.
Complaints of eye ailments include:
Refractive errors: Although not considered a disease, there are 3 main refractive errors including myopia hypermetropia and astigmatism.
In myopia, distant objects become indistinguishable. He usually complains that he cannot read the board in primary school. The eye is 5-10% longer than required. The eyeglass number will increase as the eye grows until the end of puberty.
In hypermetropia, the eye is shorter than it should be. Sometimes it manifests itself as an inward shift in childhood. The first supplied glasses may be large numbers. Mostly, the number of glasses that should be used with age decreases. Hyperopia and strabismus in infants and children may be accompanied by lazy eye. 3-year-old eye examination of all children is vital to catch this situation.
Astigmatism is congenital. Increases are mild. Here, the need for glasses number on different axles is not equal.
The need for close glasses is the use of hypermetropic glasses to see relatives after the age of 40. With age, the distance between distant and near glasses opens up to 3.0. It changes in proportion to the distance and age.
Our eye clinic awaits you with the technical equipment that can successfully handle almost all eye interventions.
Services Provided
• Glasses and vision examination
• Lens inspection
• Eye blood pressure measurement
• Retinal examination
• Getting rid of glasses with excimer laser (Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism treatment)
• Eye-specific treatment; wavefront technology
• Cataract surgery with phaco method (Painless, needle-free, seamless method, total operation time 10 minutes)
• Strabismus examination
• Color sense examination
• Eye ultrasound
• Corneal thickness measurement
• Cataract surgery
• Eye pressure surgeries (Trabeculectomy and seton surgery)
• Eye blood pressure laser (Laser trabeculoplasty)
• Laser iridectomy
• Endolaser cyclophotocoagulation
• Strabismus surgery
• Opening of the tear duct blockages
• Cosmetic surgery of eyelid and eyebrow area
• Botox
• Laser treatment of retinal diseases related to sugar and hypertension
• Repair of retinal layer defects in high-number myopia (laser retinopexy)
• Keratoconus treatment (Corneal crosslimking: hardening of the anterior layer of the eye to stop the progression of the disease)


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