Internal Medicine

Internal diseases; digestive system, kidney, heart, lung, blood diseases, internal diagnosis and treatment of cancer, rheumatic, hormonal and allergic diseases, health and diseases of the elderly patient group.
• Goiter and thyroid diseases
• Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus)
• Kidney And Urinary Tract Diseases
• High blood pressure (hypertension)
• Lung And Respiratory Diseases
• Liver, biliary tract diseases
• Gastritis, Ulcer And Gastrointestinal Diseases
• Cancer Diseases
• Cholesterol Monitoring
• Hepatitis Screening And Treatment
• Treatment of Spastic Colon, Colitis Anemia and Other Blood Diseases
• Rheumatic Diseases
• Infectious Diseases
• Metabolic And Hormonal Diseases
• Gout
diagnosis and treatment is available.

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