The neurology department provides services in the diagnosis and treatment of brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerve and muscle diseases in adult patients by making use of technological developments.

  • In the neurology department; general neurology, epilepsy, headache, low back pain, vascular tension,
  • Sleep disorders, dizziness and balance disorders, Parkinson’s and movement disorders,
  • Services are provided regarding the diagnosis and treatment processes of diseases such as peripheral nerve and muscle diseases, Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases, and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Neurology Unit carries out joint studies with Radiology, Brain and Nerve Surgery departments. 
  • Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy; Evaluations are made with long-term video-EEG examination, MR, PET-CT and SPECT tests.  
  • EMG (electromyoneurography) examination is performed in the evaluation of neuropathies that occur with complaints such as hand and foot numbness and in the diagnosis of painful conditions such as low back and neck hernia. 
  • Investigations such as tomography or magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, echocardiography, and extracranial Doppler are applied to the patients, and the results contribute to the follow-up and treatment of our patients. 

Follow-up and treatment of our patients are carried out in the intensive care unit in serious conditions that endanger the patient’s life, such as coma, progressive stroke, and frequently recurring seizures

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