We expect an individual with a good psychology to be able to carry out mental activities, be productive, maintain relationships with other people and be satisfied, and be able to cope with problems while adapting to changes. Individuals with strong psychology constitute the most basic structure for the healthy continuation of family and interpersonal relations.

Psychological well-being and being physically healthy are highly correlated. If the individual's psychology is not optimal, the risk of encountering various diseases increases, and similarly, existing physical diseases can turn into diseases that are difficult and prolonged due to psychological disorders. It is known that psychological problems may result in certain nervous system diseases, skin diseases, metabolism or endocrine-related disorders.


Performing the necessary physical examination, evaluation and treatment of individuals with psychological complaints is a team effort. Mental health protection and treatment studies carried out by a psychiatrist and expert psychologist provide more effective and long-term results.

In Lokman Hekim Hospitals, you can share your problems and receive the necessary counseling and psychotherapy services in a safe and quiet environment with our expert psychologist. You can also conduct an assessment interview for the administration of intelligence, personality and other necessary tests.


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