Our Human Resources Policy

As Lokman Hekim Health Group Human Resources ; instead of seeing our employees as the most important resource of our family, we regard them as our main asset that manages all of our resources. The Human Resources Department carries out modern Human Resources Programs based on success, in coordination with other units in line with the objectives of the institution.

The aim of Lokman Hekim Health Group's human resources policy is to have a high motivation, self-confidence, job satisfaction and performance; is to carry the institution to the future with its happy employees. Our human resources policies are based on the understanding of creating and perpetuating a family environment that employees prefer, where they are active and happy, and to which they are loyally attached, by supporting teamwork, suggestion and participation, entrepreneurship, creativity and productivity.

As the hospital that is the first choice of well-educated individuals who are aware of the seriousness of the sector and their profession, we aim to have quality, highly motivated, committed employees with effective human resources practices not only in the health sector but also in the service sector.

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