Our Human Resources System

Recruitment and Placement

As Lokman Hekim Family, we believe that the selection and placement process has a direct strategic impact on our future and corporate success by placing  the right candidates for the right position.

Candidates with the qualifications suitable for the position needed in the CV screening are invited to a preliminary interview and by then our recruitment process is started. In the preliminary interview, professional knowledge exams and personality inventories can be applied to the candidates according to the position requirement. Candidates who are evaluated positively for the position at the end of the preliminary interview are invited for an interview. In the competency-based interview, our institution focused on two strategic points;

- Suitability of candidate competencies for the job,

- The candidate's suitability for our corporate culture.

As a result of all these evaluations, our institution makes a job offer to our candidate, whose process is positive and approved, and our recruitment process is completed.

In addition, our esteemed candidates who prefer our company during the recruitment process and participate in the interviews are informed by e-mail and, if necessary, by telephone, regarding each position. 

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Job Evaluation and Wage Management

There is a wage scale created by our institution by blending criteria such as competencies, job description to be served and level of responsibility to be assumed. The salary of each individual who will join our family is calculated based on this scale and notified to the relevant candidate during the job offer. There is a wage increase application once a year in our institution. In addition, our performance and bonus system is available for certain job descriptions according to individual and corporate performance.

Performance and Career Management

We define our expectationsclearly  for our employees, we draw a route and guide our employees in order to realize our expectations.

All promotion processes up to the upper levels are open for every successful employee. We support and strengthen these processes with training and on-the-job experiences. For vacancies, we give priority to the evaluation of our employees with appropriate competencies and qualifications.

Training and Development

Education processes are of strategic importance for our institution. For this reason, we have a training unit in our Human Resources unit and a "Communication Specialist" at the head of this unit.

Our employees in our institution continue to receive training from 4 different branches.

- Adaptation Trainings: It is a two-month training process for the employees who have successfully completed the recruitment process and started their duties in the Lokman Hekim Family, so that they can easily adapt to the job, comprehend our corporate culture, professional and corporate values, and ensure their adaptation to the job, starting from the first working day. In this process, in addition to general compliance trainings, department compliance trainings are organized for each new employee. 

- Professional Development Trainings: In each unit, the training needs of our employees are determined at regular intervals and training plans are prepared for the professional development of our employees accordingly. Professional development trainings are held for all our employees throughout the year, both in line with the planned trainings and in response to urgent needs, training activities and feedback are evaluated. 

- Outsourced Seminar/Congress and trainings: Our employees are encouraged to participate in seminars, congresses and certificate programs that will contribute to the development of all our doctors and employees.

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