International Patient Service

Lokman Hekim Health Group International Patient Service Department provides services in European standards both in terms of quality service and scale. rare surgeries can be done in Turkey and they are carried out successfully by our expert team in our hospital. Lokman Hekim Health Group; with its qualified and equipped staff, service buildings equipped with the latest technology facilities and smooth medical service process; attracting attention and attracting attention in the overseas market by manifesting itself in foreign patients.

 In this department, in order to manage the process in the best way;;

  • The health reports sent are sent to the consultant physician as soon as possible and evaluated by our physician.
  • The consultant physician provides the necessary information (proforma) together with the wage information, detailing the treatment type depending on the disease, the name of the operation, if any, and the number of days of hospitalization.
  • The arrival date of the patient is determined with the patient and if desired, the patient's flight tickets, hotel options (3,4 and 5 *) are organized and presented.
  • Patients and their relatives are met at the airport.
  • Transfers to the hotel and / or hospital are provided by luxurious and comfortable vehicles.
  • The hostess / interpreter to accompany the patient is trusted.
  • After all diagnoses and treatments are completed, patient results and reports are delivered in one of the languages ​​Turkish, English, German, Russian and Arabic upon request.

Upon request;

  • Facilitation and consultancy in visa procedures,
  • we have connection with international insurance companies.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does International Patient Services include?

- Forwarded health reports are presented to the consulting physician promptly for an evaluation.

- Consulting physician determines the treatment means depending on the illness and the title of the operation, if any, and determines the number of days to stay at the hospital and provides information on the payments and other necessary processes.

- Entry date of the patient is determined in collaboration, and if desired, flight tickets and hotel selections (3, 4 and 5*) are organized and presented.

- Patients and their attendants are met at the airport.

- They are taken to the hotel and/or hospital by luxurious and comfortable vehicles.

- Attendants are assigned to accompany the patients at the hospital.

- Translators are arranged when necessary.

- Following all diagnoses and treatments at the hospital, results and reports are provided in Turkish or English,German, Russian and Arabic, depending on the preference.

Does the price advantage is treated in Turkey??

Turkey, qualified manpower as well as post-operative care is advantageous position in terms of being good hygienic conditions. Our hospital supports these advantages with state-of-the-art medical devices and offers them all at the most affordable price.

Can I get more information about my doctor?

Detailed information about the resumes of our doctors is available on our website. On the other hand, if you reach us before you come to our country; According to the problem you will be treated for, we can share with you the resumes of our doctor and the success rates of thier past operations.

How Do I Run a Visa ?

For our patient and its companion who will be treated in our hospital, as the Lokman Hekim Hospital, the invitation letter and procedures informing the subject to the Turkish Consulate are carried out by our team for you.

Payment Information

Ankara Hospital

Bank :Ziraat Bankası

Bank/Branch :Yenişehir Girişimci

Swıft Code : TCZBTR2AXXX

IBAN Dollar : TR710001002273916825295003

IBAN Euro : TR440001002273916825295004

Lokman Hekim Health Group

Name of the Bank T.C. Ziraat Bankasi
Bank/Branch Yenişehir/Ankara Girişimci Şube
Bank Branch Code 2273
Account Number 2273/43203073-5026
IBAN Euro: TR420001002273432030735026

Name of the Bank T.C. ZiraatBankasi
Bank/Branch Yenişehir/Ankara GirişimciŞube
Bank Branch Code 2273
Account Number 2273/43203073-5025
IBAN Dollar: TR690001002273432030735025

How can I Reach İn More Depth?

You can send an e-mail to for more detailed information about our hospital and country. E-mails are resposed within 1 business day at the latest.

You can also contact us at +90 444 99 11/5084.

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