Visitor and Companion Information

Applications for Visitors

1. Patient visitors are welcomed by reception staff.

2. Reception staff learn the name and surname of the patient to be visited and find out in which service and room they are staying to inform the visitor.

3. Visiting hours:









Inpatient clinics




General intensive care unit-1






General intensive care unit-2






General intensive care unit-3





General intensive care unit-4







General intensive care unit-5




Newborn intensive care unit






Coronary intensive care unit




Angio observation unit




4. In the case of medical conditions requiring the prohibition and isolation of the patient's visit, the doctor's advice shall be taken.
5. Short term visits are provided.4. In the case of medical conditions requiring the prohibition and isolation of the patient's visit, the doctor's advice shall be taken.
6. Considering the health status and comfort of our patients, no more than two visitors are allowed at the same time.

7. Intervening the crowded visitor groups and ensuring that the patient is not affected.

8. Children under the age of 7 are not accepted as visitors due to the risk of infection.

9. Visitors should leave the room during the examination or procedure and respect the privacy of the patient.

10. Visitors are not allowed to smoke inside the hospital.

11. Live flowers are not accepted in patient rooms due to the risk of infection. However, the flowers that come on behalf of our patients are received by reception staff by arranging a flower card. During the day, the flower card is sent to the patient or the patient's relatives. After discharge, the patient or his / her relatives may present their flowers at the reception by presenting the flower card.

12. Food and drinks are not accepted to our hospital from outside. Visitors can benefit from the cafeteria for food and beverage needs.

13. It is ensured that the rooms of the patients who are taken to the intensive care unit from the floor are not used by the attendants and visitors.

Applications for Companions 

1. In our hospital, patient rooms are arranged as double and single rooms. There is a companion seat in our rooms and a companion can stay with our patients.

2. Only one person can stay in the room as a companion with the patient.


3. There is no companion in intensive care units.

4. Relatives of patients under the age of 18 are not considered as companions except for compulsory circumstances.

5. Companion change must be notified to the nurse in charge of the service.

6. Companions are obliged to take care of patients and to comply with the discipline of our institution within the directives of the doctors of the relevant unit.

7. Our companions should bring as few items as possible and place their stuff in the cupboards shown to them in the rooms.

8. Our companions are not allowed to sit and sleep in patient beds.

9. Our companions should not enter other rooms.

10. The companion should not be present with the patient during visits and medical examination.

11.  The availability of food products drinks, etc is strictly prohibited due to vector control.

12. Food and beverage service will be provided for the companions from the hospital cafeteria to the floors.

13. Companions can benefit from hospital meal with companion card.

14. Companions are not allowed to smoke inside and around the hospital in smokeless airspace areas.

15. Companions are obliged to comply with the special companion policies of each service according to the patients' conditions, except for these main rules.

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